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Morwell Bowling Club

Hazelwood Road, Morwell 3840


John Guy Chairman



Tonight we celebrate 19 years of operation and service by Advance Morwell to the Morwell Community and it is again my pleasure to present a report of our activities over the past year.


The Committee have continued to meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Morwell Centenary Rose Garden Meeting room in Maryvale Crescent to pursue all issues of interest to Morwell and the wider Latrobe Valley.  


The Advance Morwell Traders Group has also met monthly, organising and supporting promotions in the Morwell CBD. 


The following report is prepared by John Guy on behalf of the Committee


I would like to recognize the Committee Members who have served the organization over the past year - David McInnes, Max Williamson, Graeme Sennett, Bev Lorraine, Shashi Bhatti, Keith Brownbill, John Guy, Lauren Marks, Lynn Keeley, Howard Williams and Ruth Codlin


We have grappled with the challenge of obtaining suitable Committee Members who are willing to assume Executive Roles and are indebted to Shashi Bhatti for taking on the role of Treasurer.


John Guy has continued to represent Advance Morwell on the Morwell Project Group which was formed after the Mine Fire to deliver on a plan for the development of Morwell.  RMIT were selected as the consultants and plans were delivered which are now with council for implementation of Stage one which is centered on the area between  Hazelwood Road and Tarwin Street.


John has also represented Advance Morwell on the Community Recovery Committee which was formed at the time of the Hazelwood Mine Fire and has continued its activities over the past 4 years.  ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE RECOVERY COMMITTEE include:

·         Recruitment of strong community leaders

·         Worked with Alan Wilson to pressure insurance companies

·         Provided equipment for clean up

·         Distributed equipment to community groups

·         Continued to work with emergency services about responding, communicating and plans for the future.

·         Worked with the Taskforce re: all issues especially clean up and future planning

·         Participated in workshops with Red Cross etc: re how to communicate in an emergency (but wouldn’t say we solved those issues)

·         Supported family not in their house

·         Provided a list of companies who could clean roof cavities

·         Provided support for the door knocks and cleaning for HACC clients etc.

·         Worked with LC staff to implement thankyou events in 2014 and 2015

·         Provided advice to Rob Gordon for article in LV Express

·         Attended Hazelwood Mine tours to check on progress.

·         Supported all activities by government agencies where appropriate e.g. EPA consultations.

·         Attended workshop with EMV


Max Williamson has continued to represent Advance Morwell on the Yallourn Mine Environment Group.  Max has also worked closely with the Morwell Centenary Rose Garden Committee to design and erect signage throughout the garden.  Signage which has contributed significantly to the garden’s appeal to visitors.


The Advance Morwell Committee has actively lobbied on behalf of the Morwell community.   We have met with our Morwell Council representatives and had meetings with Harriet Sing Member for Eastern Victoria in the Legislative Assembly. 


We have been invited to and attended announcements by the Premier at the Latrobe Valley Authority and have had the CEO Karen Cain attend our Committee meeting to update the Committee on the function of the Authority and the projects and initiatives being planned for the future.


We welcomed newly appointed Councilor Alan MacFarlane to our Committee meeting for an exchange of views regarding local Council activities.


We have continued to work constructively with the Moe and Traralgon Business groups through the Latrobe City Business Tourism Association, a relationship which we intend to further grow and strengthen over the coming year.


We have maintained a close relationship with ENGIE through Lauren Carey to ensure we have current knowledge of their plans for rehabilitation and fire protection.


Arlie Bank Homestead


After many years, Advance Morwell has relinquished our management of the Arlie Bank Homestead and handed the Building back to Council.  The work of Max Williamson in dealing with the many issues that have occurred during our Management of this building is much appreciated, with Max to be commended for the long and at times demanding intrusions on his time.


We also recognize the work of Bev Lorraine who has been the occupier of Arlie Bank with her World of Dolls and exhibition which had attracted many visitors to Morwell and its other attractions.  Bev went way beyond her role in maintaining the gardens and the overall appearance of Arlie Bank during her term.


General Meeting


A General meeting of Members was held on Wednesday 14th June at PowerWorks.  Attendance was reasonable and Ian Nethercote provided an insightful presentation on the concept of high efficiency brown coal power plant and had a diversity of opinion on the future use of this within the region at this point of time.



Mine Rehabilitation.


Advance Morwell has taken an active interest in Management of Hazelwood Rehabilitation Works and while rehabilitation is underway, greater clarity is still required as to what activities are being undertaken and how this aligns with statutory obligations.  Advance Morwell will continue to monitor and be involved in discussions on the Mine rehabilitation as it progresses.


Gippsland Rail Project Implementation


Through our membership of Committee for Gippsland we have continually lobbied fro improvement works on the Gippsland rail line.  We recognise the importance of these works being escalated for the next stage of rail improvements and have written to Harriett Shing and Mary Aldred at C4G requesting them to work towards the prioritized delivery of the Gippsland Line improvements.


Traralgon Bypass


The Committee unanimously supported the development of the Traralgon bypass, recognising the economic and connectivity benefits it will deliver to the greater Gippsland area.  The retention of the proposed Northern route is supported in order to retain future accessibility the coal resource.


Legacy Place Musical Instruments


As a result of a donation from an unknown benefactor, Musical instruments were purchased and installed at Legacy Place.  Some vandalism has occurred and repairs were required to the Drums.


Legacy Place Power Supply


David Mc Inness is working on plans to install a power supply.  This will provide greater flexibility for future events to be held at Legacy Place.


Advance Morwell Traders


Advance Morwell has been fortunate to have a small group of Morwell Traders as a part of our Committee.  The Morwell Traders meet separately and report to the Advance Morwell Committee on a regular basis.  The Traders Group are currently busy organizing a special event for Christmas 2017.




Advance Morwell again provided $1,000 sponsorship for the Gippsland Antique and Collectables Fair.

John V Guy OAM JP

P O Box 3057


PO Box 1061, Morwell Vic 3841    |    Secretary, Keith Brownbill
    |    Tel: 03 5134 2676    |    email:

To Advance Morwell and the wider Latrobe City through unity and active community involvement.

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