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Welcome to Advance Morwell
Advance Morwell is the voice of Morwell’s businesses and broader community. We aim to provide community leadership and a vision for the future.

Our Mission
The mission of Advance Morwell is to “Advance Morwell and the wider Latrobe City through unity and active community involvement”.

Our Values
Our values are: Professionalism, Reliability, Honesty, Accountability, Openness and Friendliness.

Our Strategic Directions
To promote Morwell’s role within the wider Latrobe City, building upon its geographical centrality, industrial strengths, retail precincts, multicultural composition, transport links and as a regional tourism hub.

Advance Morwell has a number of Strategic Directions that form the focus of its ongoing activities.

The Key Strategic Directions and activities are:

Provide Leadership for the Development of Latrobe Region

  • Provide strong lobbying and representation on regional matters to all levels of government to promote the growth of the Latrobe Region, particulalry advocating on behalf of Morwell businesses and residents
  • Actively support all business promoting the development of the region
  • Establish positive links promoting unity in Latrobe City by working together with sister groups in neighbouring towns on matters of Latrobe wide interest


Build a Positive Image for Morwell

  • Lobby for a master plan focusing on urban, industrial and environmental renewal
  • Continue to develop branding to badge Morwell as the Rose Town
  • Assist in creating a modern commercial appearance for Morwell
  • Develop and facilitate implementation of a town entrance strategy
  • Promote a positive image of Morwell among its constituents
  • Promote Morwell’s multicultural background and strengths through ongoing support for the Gippsland Immigration Park, Migrant Wall of Recognition and sister city relationships.
  • Promote Morwell’s attractions such as the Rose Garden, Latrobe Regional Gallery, Crinigan Road Reserve, Wetlands, Town Common & Immigration Wall
  • Promote Morwell’s history and achievements


Promote the Development of Morwell, its Business and Retail Sectors

  • Develop the relationship between the CBD and Mid Valley retail precicts, including facilitating integrated promotions
  • Promote the development of new and existing businesses
  • Strengthen the CBD through promotion of business improvement activities, conducting promotional events and facilitating landlords and businesses to improve appearance of premises
  • Work with Latrobe City to enhance the amenity of the built environment, ensure public safety and make Morwell an attractive place to shop, visit, live and work
  • Work with Latrobe City to facilitate retail and residential development opportunities


Ensure Advance Morwell’s Ongoing Sustainability

  • Conduct ongoing membership drives to grow membership
  • Identify alternative sources of funding

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Incorporated Association Number: A36948L.                                                                                                                                               Address: PO Box 1061, Morwell Vic 3841  | Graeme Sennett, Acting Chair
 | Tel:  0417 509 149   | email: admin@advancemorwell.org.au

To Advance Morwell and the wider Latrobe City through unity and active community involvement.

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